Privacy Policy of the website service of Value your privacy This Privacy Policy tells us your choices and how we process the information you provide to us.

Your use of our services may involve the collection and use of your information. (as defined in the section It is imperative that you understand how these things work and how you can control them. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Information we collect and how we collect it

in our service we have collected Keep and use your information as follows:

“Information” includes personal data. and non-personal information

“Personal data” is any information, or combination of information, that is about you and can be used to identify you. where personal information may include the following information:

  • Information you provide to us when you open an account or use our services, such as your name, phone number. and e-mail address
  • Information you use with our Services, including shared information that you submit to other parties. through our services and the information you collect using our services;
  • Information shared with others using our services that has been provided to us, such as information provided in a posted thread. and communicating with you and others who use our services; and
  • Information we collect from your use of our services such as information about the location of a certain area Information about the use of the service and public information

“Location Information” is information we collect about your location. (when you have geolocation services enabled), including:

  • The location of your device when you use our services, such as information from GPS, WiFi, compass, accelerometer. or other motion detection on your device
  • The IP address of the device or Internet service you use to access our services.
  • Other information that you provide to us or others that enables us to determine your location. or the place where you live and shared information that you or others provide that can determine your location, such as geolocation information that is embedded in images you send to us; and
  • In the event that you have previously sent us information about your geographic location. and wishes us to remove such information. You can do this through our service.

“Service Access Information” is technical information that we automatically collect when you use our Services. Either through the use or through cookies. (As will be described in detail in cookie policy) or other information, including:

  • Technical information, such as your mobile operator Preference information sent to us by a web browser or other program. which you use to access our services your IP address The version and registration number of your device
  • Information about browsing and viewing while you use our services, such as the search queries used. Social media accounts you visit Other information and content related which access or send requests from you to use our services
  • Information about whatapps and other software which you use and how you use those software;
  • Information about the communications you use on our Services, such as who you communicate with and when, including the length of time you communicate. and metadata, which means information related to the items you use through our Services, such as the date, time or location in which the shared photo or video was made or posted.

“Non-Personal Information” includes any information that relates to you but cannot be used to directly or indirectly identify you. This includes personal data in the form of a summary or non-disclosure. or as a pen name

“Shared Information” includes information about you or about you that is voluntarily shared on our Services. This includes posting information that you use on our Services. (including your public profile and lists you have created), other people’s posting data; which you repost includes information about your location and information about your access to the Services in connection with such postings. The shared information also includes information about you. (This also includes information about your location and information about your access to the Services) with which others who have used our Services share such information about you.

How we use your information

We may use your information for the following purposes:

  • to provide our services to you
  • For the purpose of providing customer service, security, fraud detection Data warehousing and backup related to our services
  • for advertising to you (As further details appear under the “Advertising and Marketing” section below.)
  • To understand how you access and use our services and for the purpose of improving our services This includes implementing the wishes and preferences of the customer, as well as for customizing the language and location. Personalized assistance and clarification or other actions related to the use of the service by you and other customers
  • To help us develop new services and improve existing ones.
  • To make improvements to advertising and marketing activities promotional activities available in or in connection with our services in a more efficient manner.
  • for the purpose of software monitoring or administering software updates; and
  • To allow you to participate in surveys and other activities about our products and services.

Please note that in the process we will provide our users with a better experience. or to improve our services Personal data (if you have given your consent) collected through any of our services may be subject to the user’s own privacy controls. (where applicable) which apply to our other services. (including to act in the manner of summarizing or making the information or making information individually)

for example Personal data collected during the use of any services Your content may be taken to provide advice on any content. Specifically to recommend other services to you or may be used for relevant advertising to you on other services. You may also request that we move or transmit your personal data from one of our services to another of our services in the event that such migration is available.

Retention of personal information and how long to keep

Subject to applicable rules and laws (including the conditions as stated in the section We will retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes stated in section. “How do we use your information?” as mentioned above only.

We will collect your information in accordance with our retention periods and the need for it. You can find more information on the data retention requirements for calculating data retention times listed below.

Tencent (Thailand) has a Data Storage Department that works with the Personal Data Department in order to develop and improve policies and rules regarding personal data retention. We have data retention requirements according to each business plan, including business model. recording format and storage formats

We calculate the retention period of personal data in accordance with the following rules.

  1. The amount of time required for the fulfillment of the storage purpose.
  2. When you (or anyone else who provides you access to our services) stops using our services.
  3. A reasonable retention period shows that we have fulfilled our obligations and agreements.
  4. within the limited time that a claim may arise.
  5. within a retention period compliant with the law or recommended by the controller. regulator government officials or government organization
  6. or the necessity that must exist in order to provide any service to you

Contact us

In the event that you wish to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy or any matter about privacy Please contact us at our privacy officer by email. or at number 095-730-5421 During business hours every day from 09.00 – 17.00 Or via mail to 23/3 Soi Tha Kham 16, Tha Kham Road, Samae Dam Subdistrict, Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok 10150 (sent to the Personal Data Department).


Sharing your personal information with others

Unless you have given your consent in this Privacy Policy or where you have given your consent in other cases. We will not transfer your personal information to third parties for any purpose whatsoever. may share your information with other companies within the group including joint venture partners and external service providers, contractors and agents (such as data communications service providers who send emails or notifications on our behalf, including data conversion service providers who provide Help us and you with location information. We may also allow other parties to collect your personal information from using our services. Permission to use your information and/or collecting your information for the following purposes: (1) providing services to you; (2) assisting us with the implementation of the purposes stated in the section ‘How do we use your information’ above? (3) carry out our obligations and enforce our rights under Terms of Service or this privacy policy and/or (4) our business, which includes the use of the information so that we can understand and improve our services. Such third parties may access your personal information and use and store it. such other than that you have given your consent as mentioned above.

Where we authorize other parties to collect and use your personal data in accordance with the conditions set forth in the preceding paragraph, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that those other parties will use your personal data for that purpose. Only in the following respects (1) are in accordance with this Privacy Policy and (2) are subject to any other directives that we have imposed and notified to the above-mentioned parties. to take the appropriate measures that we use to Maintain confidentiality and security of information as well.

You have given your consent to other parties as stated to use your personal information, including sharing or transferring your personal information with others (including in cases in and outside the jurisdiction applicable to you. ) as stated in the section “Sharing your personal information with others”

As we are constantly evolving our business, we or our affiliates may be transferred to other parties or restructured within our group in which case such transfers may occur. Your personal data between within our group and/or to third parties who will be our service providers; or similar to our services in accordance with this Privacy Policy; or Other privacy policies which we will notify you.

You agree that we and our affiliates may need to maintain Keep or disclose your personal information (1) to comply with applicable rules and laws. (2) to comply with the court order A subpoena or other legal process (3) to take action at the request of a government agency. Law enforcement agencies or any other similar agency. (whether located in the jurisdiction applicable to you or elsewhere), or (4) where we believe it is reasonably necessary to comply with applicable rules or laws. You agree that we or our affiliates may need to disclose your personal information in order to enforce these Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy for the purpose of protecting our rights. property or safety or rights property or safety of our affiliates or other users of our services.

Shared Data Considerations

Our Services make shared information publicly available with information of all users who use the Service, and are not limited to the information of individuals in your contact list. Our social media services are basically designed to assist you in sharing shared information with other people on the planet. Widely and promptly transmitted such information will remain public information as long as you do not delete it (and even if you delete the information shared with others, it may will remain temporarily stored. Make a copy or keep it or remains public information by others or other users who are not affiliated with us; and We can’t control it)

Please consider carefully when posting messages and communicating through our Services.

Third-party services included in our Service

Our Services may contain information or may connect you to information about social media or other services (including websites) of others, for example:

  • In some cases, you may be able to share your content on our services through third party services. Other parties providing such services may collect your information and your personal information. (including information about your access to the Services) and may place cookies on your computer to enable the Third Party Services to function properly; and
  • We may (whether in advertisements or elsewhere in our Services) provide you with links to enable you to access third-party services or websites.

These social media services or other third-party services may be provided by the relevant third parties or by us. Your use of the above external services (whether social media services or any other services) including the personal information you submit to such third parties are subject to our Terms of Service and Policies. in relation to the privacy of such third parties; and Terms of Service Neither our nor this Privacy Policy applies. Therefore, please consider the terms and conditions of such third party providers carefully.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the information we collect and does not apply to the services of such third party providers or the way they process information, and we will. There is no liability for any third party service provider’s use of your information.

Contact us

In the event that you wish to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy or any matter about privacy Please contact us at our privacy officer by email. or at number 095-730-5421 During business hours every day from 09.00 – 17.00 Or via mail to 23/3 Soi Tha Kham 16, Tha Kham Road, Samae Dam Subdistrict, Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok 10150 (sent to the Personal Data Department).